The overall prototype company.


About lead time and delivery

  • How long is your lead time?

    Approximately 2 working days to 2 weeks from the time of order, but it depends on the number of work piece, material and shape, so please inquire us at your convenience for specific lead times.

  • What are my delivery options?

    We package it appropriately to eliminate damage and send it via courier service, but when the destination is close by, we may deliver it directly.

Range of performance (Types of processing)

  • What kind of processing methods can you apply?

    We can perform Laser cuts, EDMs, sheet metals, presses, lathe cutting, milling, etc. We also accept and perform multi-process with sheet metals, pressing and cutting.
    Our company’s machining division and sheet metal division are aligned adjacent to each other so we can work swiftly and meet the required lead time.

  • What materials can you process?

    Iron, aluminum and stainless steel of course, and copper, Inconel, titanium and other hard-to-cut materials. In addition to metal, we are capable of working with resin, bake and Teflon as well.

  • How large can the work piece be?

    We have many requests for work pieces as small as sesame seeds and as large as basketball or tangerine box.

  • Could you assemble as well?

    We accommodate simple assembling and will deliver fully assembled.

  • Can you process springs and coil spring materials?

    Even if it is made from spring material we can comprehensively process sheet metal parts in-house. For coil-springs, they will be processed at a trusted partnering factory, but we can quote you so please inquire us at your convenience.

  • Do you handle drawing methods?

    Yes we do. Our company designs original molds and can apply drawing methods.

  • What is the maximum thickness you can laser cut a plate?

    Our maximums for Iron: 9mm, SUS: 8mm, and Aluminum (A5052): 8mm.
    Other than the materials mentioned above, there are other materials we can process and the max thickness may vary depending on the material so please inquire us for a specific material.

  • What methods do you use for blanking?

    We mainly use laser cuts, EDMs, and punching.

  • Could you tell me about your previous project history?

    Please visit this site for our previous project history, where we also introduce various processing case studies from the past.

About Quality Assurance

  • Are you certified by ISO standards?

    We were ISO9001 certified on October 9th, 2003, and we have renewed it three times as we continue to be certified today.

  • How is your shipping ⁄ outgoing inspection?

    We have 3 certified inspectors who exclusively attend to the task and checks-off areas without tolerance, and for areas with tolerance features, we will state the actual measurements on the drawing.

  • Is it possible for you to attach inspection results?

    Yes we will attach the results for our customers. We will indicate accurate measurements taken from 3D measuring device, image measuring device.

  • What do you do with the burr?

    Specifically assigned person will file it, apply barrel and magnetic polish to get rid of the burr and buffed before shipping.

  • Do you wash as well?

    We always wash parts in a three tank supersonic cleaning system to wash away unwanted oil and burrs to deliver the parts in a clean state.

About placing orders

  • What is your minimum order?

    We take orders from 1 piece. Depends on the shape but for sheet metals 1 to 1000 pcs, for cutting 1 to 100 pcs, just to give you an idea of our standard lot sizes. We will take larger orders as well, so please inquire us about it.

About quotations

  • I want to get a quote so how would I proceed?

    Please inquire us about a quote via FAX or email.
    We can also provide consultations over the phone so please inquire us at your convenience.

  • How long would it take to receive my quote?

    Normally, we will respond swiftly within 1 business day.

About CAD data

  • In what formats should I give you CAD or drawing data?

    For CAD intermediate files, we accept mainly .x_t, .stp, .igs、.dxf, and for drawings, we accept various file types including .pdf, .tif, .jpg, etc.

  • Can you process with just 3D data?

    Yes we can process with just 3D data. We may need to address the margin of tolerance.


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